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If you could start from zero, what would public education look like?

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Using Facebook & LinkedIn to gain support and input

Posted by Stephen Dill on August 10, 2010

Public education is counterproductive, time to Reboot!For those who may have arrived here without ever crossing paths with the groups established on Facebook or LinkedIn, may I suggest that you join both? The viral nature of Facebook makes it particularly well suited to spreading the word on our crucial challenge: how to draw attention away from bandages on the broken systems we have now and onto a meeting of great minds to come up with a whole new strategy. There are good discussions happening on both groups and it’s easy to join in.

One such example is this discussion on teachers, grading, unions, and grassroots versus top-down decisions to bring about the change in systems. It starts by asking how we ask this of President Obama: “If a new concept of public education could increase personal responsibility, raise awareness and tolerance of others, make education available to all people at a lower cost, and broadly improve the lives of all people, would there be any reason you would not want such a program initiated under your administration?”

Any ideas on how to get that in front of him? Looking forward to seeing you on the Facebook and LinkedIn groups soon!

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