Public Education: Start Again

If you could start from zero, what would public education look like?

Alternative Education In A Public High School

Posted by Stephen Dill on May 26, 2013

Alternative education lives – maybe next door!

One of the best reasons to attend the AERO Conference is to meet the people who are pushing the boundaries of alternative education. Some are actively offering it, others defining it, others discovering and sharing it. Charles Tsai grew up in East Africa with a brother and not many other children to play with. I met Charles after the keynote by Dr. Peter Gray as I was helping Peter with a book signing. Charles mentioned that he had created a video of a student-directed school within a public school in Great Barrington, MA and I was struck with how close that was to me and that I had never heard of it.

Charles’ video is well done and has messages to restore the faith of those who think the teens of the world are without innovative spirit, encourage those who feel alternative options could never co-exist in public systems, and wake up those who think that alternative education is not real or valid education.

If students designed their own schools… from Charles Tsai on Vimeo.

Upon further reflection, what struck me is the power and potential for this model, and how unknown it is just to the east of Great Barrington. Many thanks to Charles for his finding and documenting it. The challenge – for this and all similar efforts on the edge of mainstream – is to get the word out. Please share this post and this video if you are at all concerned for the future of learning and global intellectual awareness!

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